I'm a notorious procrastinator. Can I really stick to the project? Can I post one photo a day for 365 days? The pressure is almost unbearable.

(I DID IT! I stuck to the original project and in 2010 I took two photographs every day, for two different groups! I'm going to continue to add 365 photos per year to this blog, but they probably will not be taken on consecutive days. That is too much to ask...)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


If you're reading the blog, you may notice a lot of individual pix as well as blog entries. It's sometimes easier for me to upload the pix directly from flickr so while I am on vacation I should be uploading more pix than normal. Lots to share! This was our first view of Lake Erie from our cottage. Huge waves!

We have a trail leading down to the water, but Butch opted to stay at the top while I went down a trail more sutiable for mountain goats. Thank goodness they had a rope strung between the trees!

But it was worth it when I got to the bottom!

If your are interested in seeing more, there are several more on my flickr page...


  1. I love the cabin pictures. I hope you find treasures on the beach.

    I have started thinking about my little beach place up on the penninsula. Hoping the winter weather supports an escape.

  2. I found a few and saw some juvenile bald eagles!