I'm a notorious procrastinator. Can I really stick to the project? Can I post one photo a day for 365 days? The pressure is almost unbearable.

(I DID IT! I stuck to the original project and in 2010 I took two photographs every day, for two different groups! I'm going to continue to add 365 photos per year to this blog, but they probably will not be taken on consecutive days. That is too much to ask...)

Friday, June 4, 2010

154/365 Deer

154/365 Deer and mustard, originally uploaded by phlegmmy.

For once I didn't mind being at a stop light. I was on my way home from the farm when I spotted two deer in this hayfield. I grabbed my camera and just took a shot before the light changed. I wasn't able to get both deer, but felt lucky to even get the shot off from the car. LOL!

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  1. That is a stunning shot! Looks like that deer has good eating.