I'm a notorious procrastinator. Can I really stick to the project? Can I post one photo a day for 365 days? The pressure is almost unbearable.

(I DID IT! I stuck to the original project and in 2010 I took two photographs every day, for two different groups! I'm going to continue to add 365 photos per year to this blog, but they probably will not be taken on consecutive days. That is too much to ask...)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


some sort of knapweed?, originally uploaded by phlegmmy.

I think this is some sort of knapweed, but can't find any pix on-line that look like it. It is a beautiful little flower though.


  1. Phlegmmy, was there just one flower or were the flowers bracketed by others? If just one, it might be Black Knapweed, if bracketed, Brown Knapweed, maybe.

  2. I think maybe the brown, there were others.