I'm a notorious procrastinator. Can I really stick to the project? Can I post one photo a day for 365 days? The pressure is almost unbearable.

(I DID IT! I stuck to the original project and in 2010 I took two photographs every day, for two different groups! I'm going to continue to add 365 photos per year to this blog, but they probably will not be taken on consecutive days. That is too much to ask...)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Despite still feeling icky today, Butch got me out of the house with the horse bribe. (He went for the free donuts.) Every year the George Junior Republic (or the William George Agency as they call themselves now) has an open house at their facility. I just go to look at the horses. They aren't the best in the world, but it's a great program for the kids and I can't think of a better way to help some trouble youth by having them work in the barn. Really.

All of the kids we saw were quiet and polite and all looked like they knew what they were doing. One of them just beamed when he was given a compliment by the director, who gave us a great tour. I felt kind of bad that we were just sightseeing, because he took a lot of time to talk to us. I guess he has only been there for about a year, having come from Colorado to run the program here.

The rest of the day, so far has been quiet. Casper napped on the couch while I watched a movie. Butch has gone off to play with the grandkids. I figured I had better stay home because of the tummy bug.


  1. I think that those kinds of programs are wonderful. Wish there were more of them around.

    And, I got a little surprise with that Casper photo. After all these years, I never knew that she had a dark spot on her ear. Does she have any others that I don't know about?

  2. One her lower eyelid on the left side. The one on her ear looks quite a bit like a feather in some of the pix and I never noticed it until another Casper fan pointed it out.